Thursday, August 4, 2016

Stardom trip

Today room12 went to stardom with room17. First thing we did was learned  a bit about the Solar System, then we did a quiz then after that we watched a cartoon and learned about 
 constellations. Overall it was fun although the bus trip back to school was a bit crazy.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

New Passion Projects for Term 3!

After having so much fun and learning so much last term with our passion projects, this term we are going to do another one. Today we started brainstorming all the things we might want to learn. Have a look at our ideas. I wonder what we're going to end up learning about this term....

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Passion Project Celebration!

This term the Smart Sharks have completed Passion Projects. Passion Projects are when we ask a question (about whatever we want) and then we need to research the answer. We've worked really hard on our questions this term and we had a celebration today. Since it was our first time, we decided to invite Mrs Slaughter and Mr Kelly (Mrs Kandasamy was unable to make it). Even though we didn't all end up answering the original questions we had, we all learned something and had a fantastic time doing it.  Here are some pictures from our celebration:

We were excited to share what we learned and we can't wait until next term to do this again. We've learned a lot about how to do a good passion project so we want to do an even better job next term!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Art Week!

Last week was Art Week, which means that we spent some time on art projects. We wanted to do our best, so we decided to research what kinds of art we could do. We got into 6 groups and brainstormed all the different kinds of art we could do.

Then we decided on the art we wanted to make. Each of us had to fill in a plan, which included finding a picture of art that was similar to what we wanted to make.

Then we started creating!

Some of us finished our first and second drafts. We're learning how to critique each others' work so that we can improve it. We watched a video about this. Have a look at it:

We're going to continue to work to improve our artwork over the next few weeks. We look forward to showing you all the mistakes we've learned from and the final products at the end of the term!

Certificates and Assembly

Last week we had a middle school assembly. We decided to share our green screen videos (look at them in the posts below this one). Tyra, Aliza and Joshua all got up on the stage and shared what they wrote with Alex. They did an amazing job. Not once did their teacher have to help them or tell them what to do! How's that for showing iniative! Well done all four of you!

Two students in our class received merit certificates for all the wonderful things they have been doing lately.  Kyan was given his certificate for always sharing his great ideas as well as being kind and responsible. Yacinta was given her certificate for working extremely hard to settle in to her new class here at PHS. Amazing work both of you!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Samoan Language Week

Though this is part of our green screen Writing and Inquiry activity, I wanted to put this video in its own post. Last week was Samoan Language Week and one of our groups made their video based on that. Here it is:

News Reports

Last week for our Writing and Inquiry, we wrote news reports and then filmed them with a green screen background.

We had to first find a news item that we found was interesting. We had lots of ideas to share and we found out a lot of new things.

Have a look at the videos we made. We are going to critique them this week so that we can get better at them. Do you have any advice for us on how we can improve (it needs to be Kind, Specific and Helpful)?